Friday, June 21, 2013

Rosie O'Donnell: 'Queen of Nice' or 'Queen of Decoupage'–which is it?

I was reading the Santa Fe Reporter yesterday while eating lunch in my car, and I noticed a tiny photo of Rosie O'Donnell in an illustration, it was labeled: 'the Queen of Decoupage' (I thought that she was a comedian, or the Queen of Nice). Evidently (you all probably already know this), one of her many earthly manifestations now is as a Maven of Crafting, with a particular bent for decoupage. When I got back to my workspace I immediately googled: rosie-odonnell-decoupage–and there she was—neck-and-neck decoupaging with that other Queen of Crafts, Martha Stewart.

You should check out the video. They were into something completely different than Jeff Rudell, from my post last Saturday. Whereas his approach was very precise and objecty, their effort was more pictorial, and their method was definitely more playful. Rosie really likes to get her hands in the goo.

I dove into our collections to see what we might have for images that were comparable to the wallpaper that they were using on the show.

On a botanical theme we have collections like Trees and Leaves (0486998088), in which many of the individual images are cleanly silhouetted, which makes them ideal for decoupage.

I think that these images are very compatible with some of our bird illustration from Birds (048699158X), and that the two could be artfully combined.

The seed has also be planted about wallpaper: I'm now on the hunt for a sample book of antique wallpapers for a future collection. That's all for now. Oh, and here's one last thing—yes, a decoupage monkey...

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