Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vintage Christmas—A look inside the definitive Christmas Collection

We have two collections called 'Vintage Christmas' here at DoverPictura; one's called A Vintage Christmas, the other, Vintage Christmas—how clever of us! The simple addition (or deletion, as the case may be) of an indefinite article and we have a new title! We adhere to the belief that the world holds just so many titles, and that it's our responsibility to squeeze as many publications into each of them as we can. We had a post a few days back about A Vintage Christmas, now it's time for a look inside Vintage Christmas.

So, it's getting late. It's December 19th. You're in a jam. You didn't get Christmas Cards out—you didn't even buy any! This is the collection to help you out–download it, it's jammed-full of great vintage Christmas cards (over 90 in all) that are formatted to easily print out on an 8 1/2 by 11" sheet of card stock—then all you have to do is fold the sheet and cut them out. But wait, you don't have any envelopes (what have you been doing this last month, anyway?) It's OK. There's also a great selection of postcards, too (but you're on your own for the stamps).

Here's a typical template for a fold-card from the collection–

And here's a template for a postcard. They print out two per sheet, so you can save even more paper than you're already saving by having forgotten to get envelopes...

Wrapping presents? No wrapping paper? The backgrounds on many of the sheets in this collection are printable JPGs of wrapping paper. Unless you've got a really big printer I hope you're giving some nice small gifts.... (like diamonds). Below is a sample of one of the wrapping paper images.
Want to tuck the children into bed on Christmas Eve and recite The Night Before Christmas to them? Forgotten the words? Lost the book? There's a wonderful facsimile of a mid-century edition reproduced in the collection (in its entirety).

Beside all of this useful stuff the collection includes a great selection of vintage & mid-century clip art, sticker art,  gift tags, and even the sheet music for Jingle Bells (I'm not kidding). Anyway, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!


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