Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter— Greatest Hits!

A thorough survey of all of the DoverPictura collections revealed a shocking truth—we have no Easter collection! Well, no pure Easter collection anyway… All I can promise you is that this is going to change—perhaps not in time for this Easter, but definitely by 2014. That said, we actually have some very nice Easter images tucked away in various collections and I’m going to use this blog to show you around some of them.
         The great news is that you can now buy images by the image sheet. This allows you to pick and choose among the individual sheets that comprise a collection, and just buy the ones that you want at that moment. By the way, here’s a great feature that’s available to registered users of DoverPictura—say you buy a couple of image sheets from a collection, and later on you decide that you like it so much you just have to buy the whole thing.  If you’re a registered user go to My Collections and locate the list of image sheets that you’ve already bought, beside it you’ll see a button that says: Complete Collection for $XXX. You won’t have to pay the full collection price—just the difference between what you’ve already paid and the full price! That’s a great deal.

The above image is from Carol Grafton’s Treasury of Greeting Card Designs, http://www.doverpictura.com/collection/0486997324

This collection includes some fantastic Easter card-making materials. By my count there are five image sheets, and they contain a total of 41 images. The collection contains eight vintage cards, like the one above. And there are some really cool vignettes that can be combined with one another to make great custom cards.            

Another full color collection with some great vintage images is Full-Color Holiday Vignettes, http://www.doverpictura.com/collection/0486995062.
In this collection you’ll find 57 color Easter images on four image sheets, all from the original, rare chromolithographs. This is classic Victorian scrap!

What says Happy Victorian Easter better than bunnies, chicks, pussywillows and decorated eggs?

A great collection for making labels or for coloring is Whimsical Animal Illustrations, http://www.doverpictura.com/collection/0486999734

The images are high-resolution B&W line art– that means you can print them out big and let the kids color them. Many of the pictures are formatted to be used as labels or signs– print these ones small, color them and use them as labels. I didn’t do an Easter image count, but there are lots of cute rabbits, chicks, and ducks (and a lot of other great animals) in this collection.

And finally, here's a list of some other great collections that you might want to check out for Easter motifs (lots of animals, children and Christian imagery).

Animal Silhouettes                             
Wild and Domestic Animals             
Victorian Vignettes                            
Full-Color Old-Time Children   
Vintage Holiday Cuts                       
Photoshop Brushes–Holidays 
Dore’s Life of Jesus                             
Paintings of the Life of Jesus            

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