Monday, March 11, 2013

Welcome to the DoverPictura Blog! sells all of the incredible digital graphics, clip art and fine art images that were previously only available in Dover's book & CD publications – instantly, by download.

Our objective in creating the online store has been to improve your shopping experience—hopefully, we've done this in several ways. makes it easy to:

  • Find exactly the kinds of images that you want.
  • Buy just the images that you need.
  • Never lose or misplace the images you've bought.

Find what you want.
Finding the images and graphics that want has never been easier! You can search the DoverPictura online store in several ways: by entering keywords in the search bar you can view both collections and individual image sheets containing the type of images you're looking for. If you're in a more casual mode, say you kind of have a feel for what you're looking for, but you wouldn't mine being surprised a bit by something else, then browse the categories list. 
 Another big plus of the website is that there's no more guessing which images you'll find in a collection! In the olden days (like about 12 months ago) if you looked at one of our books at an online bookseller you'd usually only be able to see a few of the images that were in that book and on the cd. At the DoverPictura online store you can browse all of the images in any collection—before you make the decision to buy.
 Also, if you want to find out what's newest from our collectors and authors, or simply what's most popular, check out the scrolling collections at the bottom of the front page of the store. 

Buy just what you need.
Now you have two ways to buy images from any collection. First, you can buy the full collection (usually between 100 and 1500 images), or you can choose to buy by the 'image sheet'. Image sheets are the equivalent of one or two pages from a collection; typically they contain between one and twenty images.

Never go hunting for a misplaced CD again! Register with My Collections on the site and we'll see to the safe keeping of all of your collections. Each time you purchase images from DoverPictura we'll place those images in your own private 'cloud-based' collection. You can download them all immediately, or pick and choose as you need them–the best part is that can download whenever and as often as you like.

Happy shopping! 

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