Friday, July 26, 2013

This Week's Contest Winners Plus Nifty Gifties From Dover Pinterest Boards

First, congratulations to this week's contest winners- Christina and gcogman! They will each have our Nature Stencil Designs collection added to their DoverPictura account absolutely free!

We hope this week we've given you that little bit of motivation you need to get your gift planning off to a great (and early enough) start so that your holidays can be relaxed and joyful. But, if you need a little more inspiration to get you going, here are some lovely crafts created by our wonderful and talented customers:

Holly Seeger says "This is a gift box I made using a cast-off cigar box, again using Dover clip art; the dancers and flowers. It is a variation on the same theme as my book safe. Thanks again Dover Books for the image inspiration!"

Jo Bauman: "This clutch, with a fabric front printed with art from 'Children's Book Illustrations,' is lined, and the back is leather."

Here's a work-in-progress photo by Esther Paris. "A baby blanket I crocheted using angel clip art...I scanned it into PC Stitch software and created a chart. Then I crocheted a baby blanket the size of my kitchen table (which seats six)."

Naomi Lipsky creating this amazing piece of art as a gift for her daughter, who loves dragons. "My work uses quilling, which is the craft of rolled paper, or paper filigree. In this piece, the 3-d hot air balloon is 2 1/2" deep. It is all paper, except for the blue "jewels". I am also a gilder, so some of the rolled paper is edged with 23k gold leaf. The castle wall stones are also rolled paper antiqued with gouache, and the bricks are painted with gouache. The dragon in the balloon is from the Dragons and Wizards collection and the castle dragon is from Monsters and Dragons."

Looking for even more inspiration? Be sure to have a look at our Heartwarming Holidays Craft Contest entries from last'll find all sorts of amazing gift, wrapping, and decor ideas!

What will YOU make for the holidays this year? Tell us in the comments. Have a crafty weekend, everyone!

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