Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CardKits 2: More on the Art Inside

Well, we've just released our second batch of CardKits, and like the first group these collections combine professional-looking card designs with all the artwork and graphics that you need to make them. As I mentioned in my first post about CardKits, the art that's included is a combination of classic and vintage images, illustrations by contemporary artists, and graphics from current designers.

At the vintage end of the pool the artwork ranges from Victorian to Mid-Century. Take a look at these Santas–they clearly demonstrate the spread:

There's also a fair sprinkling of Nast (as you know, my favorite); in this case the usually B&W images have been colorized.

It wouldn't be Christmas without imps and elves (actually let's skip the imps). These come from the hand of Diana Zourelias—highly useful for Christmas merry-making....

We've also included what I'll call some 'neo-classical' illustrations. Neo-classical in the sense that they connote an earlier generation of Christmas art, yet they are drawn with a pleasant, contemporary hand. These are by Susan Brack.

And finally, we've included what we call 'artful greetings'. These are expressions of holiday cheer that are tastefully typeset and layed-out with graphical 'flair' to add a professional zing to your cards, labels and decorations.

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