Monday, October 21, 2013

Win This Week's Featured Collection: Esoteric and Occult Art

Creeping and crawling through our run down of DoverPictura's Halloween and Day of the Dead collections.

This week's featured collection is Esoteric and Occult Art. One of our newest, and already a best-seller, this compilation reveals the world of Western esotericism, from the ancient world to the present. More than 200 examples of this rare and unusual art are drawn from manuscripts and early printed books by practitioners of various traditions: Hermetic, Gnostic, Alchemical, Arthurian, Rosicrucian, Qabbalistic, Masonic, and 19th-century occultism. Read more about the mysterious origins of this fascinating collection.

Want this great collection added to your DoverPictura account absolutely free? Comment on this post any time throughout the week and on Friday afternoon we'll choose 5 comments at random to win the entire Esoteric and Occult Art collection.  


  1. Oh, I'd love this one. Fingers crossed...

  2. I just bought the Christmas Illustration collection and I love Dover products. I am so happy that I can use Paypal here too!

  3. Very interesting collection. Keeping my fingers crossed

  4. very cool collection - would love to win this one!

  5. I collect many images from the original source material. Yet I adore and spend too much money purchasing Dover books and the new DoverPictura collections. Why? They are unbeatable. The images are aligned and clean. They are sorted, grouped and generally include information about the sources and sometimes the individual images. Some collections are extremely rare or impossible to find anywhere else, as in the case of this collection.

    Thank you, Dover, for supplying us with such wonderful source material. It is exciting to see all the creative uses and enjoyment you bring to us!

    Barb aka Cully Barbosa, who drools at the thought of owning this collection