Friday, November 8, 2013

Congratulations to Our Latest Contest Winner

We asked you to tell us how you use DoverPictura in your craft or design work, and we chose rcgirl's comment at random to win a Pictura collection of her choice! Here's how she uses our unique clip art:

rcgirl_ma: I am forever using images for making personalized cards and bookmarks for friends (and myself, too!). Some of these cards are colored in by hand or by using graphic art programs, and some I just love to use a color image to be the focus on the card or bookmark. The images I use range from Vintage Christmas to Art Nouveau and beyond.
I find it a lot of fun to use some of the digitized images in memes! A mix of creativity and humor with Regal collection and others.
For my own personal enjoyment I love to look through the collections of patterns, motifs, designs, etc. I have bought many of the Allover & Repeating Designs/Patterns collections and cultural/ethnic ones as well. They fill me with inspiration to draw my own doodles and designs. And they sometimes get incorporated into stationery I create for birthday and Christmas gifts for people who love to write letters and thank you notes.
And it's always a delight to feast upon the eye candy of new collections I have not yet been able to purchase. Believe me - I often can spend an hour or two just being enamored by one single collection, whether by its beauty, intricacy, design, or anything else that draws me in!
Thank you, Dover, for making these collections available as downloads (and single sheets, too)! This idea of DoverPictura was pure genius!

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  1. oh, dear. I've been pretty sick off and on for a while. what do I need to do or am I too late to claim a prize? I understand if I am too late .....
    rcgirl_ma (Stephanie)