Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CardKits: the Art Inside

In each of these card-making kits, not only do you get great professional card designs, but also a mini-collection of hand-picked Christmas images from the some of the best illustrators—both old and new!
The selections were made by renowned scrapbooking and card-making maven Paulette Jarvey, from Dover's rich archive of Christmas imagery.

Many of the images come from such rare, old sources that we cannot attribute them to artists by name. It's a shame, really.... When you consider the time, talent and craft that went into the creation of the Victorian-era cards and chromolithographs that we've drawn upon to make these collections, it feels unfair not to be able to acknowledge the artists by whom they were made. Below are a couple of these charming images.

In addition to this anonymous art we've also included work by well-known artists of the same period. Most notable is Thomas Nast. Below are two examples of his benign, yet slightly-madcap Santas.

And then there's the youngsters. Many of the images in these mini-collections come from the hands of talented contemporary artists, commissioned by Dover specifically for our Christmas offerings.

A snow globe by Noelle Dahlen.

A cool polar bear by Yu-Mei Han.

And the inimitable penguins of Diana Zourelias!

In these mini-collections you'll also find great holiday-themed fills, backgrounds and typeset holidays greetings created by Paulette's team of talented card-artists, as well as decorative fonts that are perfect to express your holiday cheer!

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