Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Pop-up Halloween Card

3-D pop up greeting cards always delight, but they seem so intimidating to make! Lucky for us Grandma Jean of EZ3DPopUps shares all sorts of simple-to-use free templates so you can give creating these cards a try under a bit less pressure!

Just in time for October 31, here's her Origamic Architecture style pop-up Halloween card. The cats, pumpkins, witches and children are all from this week's featured collection, Old-Time Halloween Illustrations.

Bottom view of lower inside card.  You can see the little witches and the fold of the wall, step and top of the pumpkin house.

Top half of the bottom of lower inside card.  Here you can see the side walls , the step, and the pumpkin.

This is an overhead view of the card.  The sidewalk in front of the house can be customized.

Download the free pop up 3-D card template, then follow the full folding tutorial to build the card. Once you've mastered the skills needed, think of all the cards you can design yourself!

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