Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Dinosaur "Action Figures" Your Kids Can Make!

This week I'm especially excited about our Dinosaur Vector Designs and Classic Racing Cars of the World collections because of they way they simply scream out to be incorporated into the decor of a children's bedroom. I started searching for ideas from blowing up a dinosaur huge and making a wall decal to decoupaging a lampshade with our zippy old-style race cars.

But, then I stumbled across this easy-peasy photo-tutorial on making stand up dino "action figures" by Made by Joel and I stopped dead in my tracks. It's so simple yet so perfect I knew I just had to share it.

How cute are these!

Says Joel:
I just did an image search for dinosaurs and let my son pick out which ones he wanted to printout. Then he cut them out himself and we taped a bent paper clip to the backs of them so they could stand up. (See images below.) My daughter also drew a background which we stood up with bent paper clips. 

I love the idea of giving your child control of the safety scissors and letting him/her make these his/herself. (don't want to leave out the little ladies- I for one LOVED dinosaurs when I was small.)

Try this out yourself with both our our Dinosaur Vector Designs and Classic Racing Cars of the World collection...each individual image sheet is only $0.99! The dinosaurs even come in black and white so you can let your child decide what the dinos look like!

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